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EOH Impact Africa sells, implements and supports the SYSPRO 6 and e.NET Solutions products from the SYSPRO ERP (Enterprise, Requirements, Planning) software company.


SYSPRO E.net Solutions enhances the core SYSPRO ERP system with the messaging, security, identity and transaction capabilities that are required in order to enable the efficient management of interactions across the service-orientated architecture of the extended enterprise. In simple terms this means the management of electronic communications and transactions with customers, suppliers your own staff when travelling and any other business stakeholders.

SYSPRO e.NET Solutions was designed to fulfil the following objectives:

  • To provide a simplified development environment in which developers can customise SYSPRO's business functionality to suit end-user requirements
  • To provide an infrastructure that helps users integrate best-of-breed applications to SYSPRO
  • To provide direct access to SYSPRO data using mobile clients
  • To provide a new generation of Web-based applications that can be customized to suit end-user requirements
  • To enable effective B2B trading by automating the flow of documents, to and from the enterprise

Some key clients who have benefited from e.Net Solutions are:

  • Fuchs • KMGAltech Card Solutions
  • Foodcorp
  • Central Medical Store Namibia
  • Schneider Electrical
  • Steinhoff
  • LeSel